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    About My Artwork

  • What is a Monotype?
    A monotype is a unique, one of a kind, hand pulled print from which no identical second impression can be made.

  • What is a Monoprint?
    A monoprint is a unique print pulled from a plate that has an image incised into it, in contrast to a monotype, where the surface is unworked.

  • What is a Collagraph?
    A collagraph is a print made from a plate constructed, by collaging materials, to create an image.

  • How much do these original prints cost?
    The prices range from $150-$2,000. Please contact me for price information on specific pieces or sizes.

  • What is the size range?
    My original prints range, in inches, from 10x10 to 32x40. I also have original prints, mounted on wood panels, which are covered with resin. There is no size limitation on my fine art giclees, which are produced on canvas, wood or plexi glass. The installed art link shows a sample of my work in various sizes and formats.

  • How are these original prints made?
    I make a painting, with oil based lithography ink, on a sheet of plexi glass. I put a piece of 100% cotton rag paper, on top of the painting and transfer the image, off the plate, onto the paper, using a hand operated etching press. The ink is pressed into the fibers of the paper, which creates a unique look, that cannot be achieved by painting directly onto paper.

Please contact me or visit the faq page for information about my artwork.

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