Sarah Kriehn - Artist Statement
Sarah Kriehn

My original monoprints and collagraphs depict my reaction to experiences and emotions resulting from particular events and locations. My images combine an informed intuitive process of construction and arrangement. My work is deliberately not drawn from real objects in the world.

I feel we not only need to see ourselves reflected as people, but also see moments in time and emotions interpreted. The influential elements of one’s life are constantly changing and evolving. Capturing the essence of these influences and seeing them live as a work of art, is the highest kind of excitement.

My abstract prints are diverse, yet consistent. The compositions are bound together by a powerful sense of color, natural rhythm and pure value. I utilize a personal visual vocabulary, which is comprised of organic and geometric forms. There is no specific sequence to my pursuit but through the manipulation of materials, there is a creation of a feeling into a visual form.

One of my goals is to make original art accessible, to a wide range of people. I exhibit my work at numerous types of public locations. in addition to museums and galleries my work has been seen at a post office, medical school, hospital, book store, botanical gardens, and airport.

I also strive to bring an awareness to printmaking as an original art form. Since printmaking includes a variety of techniques, it is often a misunderstood medium. While I call myself a printmaker, my work does not include multiples. I merge the fields of printmaking and painting to create original one-of-a-kind, hand pulled prints.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork.

Please contact me or visit the faq page for information about my artwork.

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